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I actually felt old today...

I was talking to a friend about that myspace account I am trying to figure out. I'm getting the hang of it, but it is a bit more confusing than I had thought. A little more options than I had wanted. That's when I started feeling like an old fogey here.

I could just picture sitting on a front porch with a laptop saying:

"What's with these bulletins,comments, journals, diaries and blog entries? What? Is an email not good enough for kids these days? Why when I was a kid we only had email, and that was on a dial up connection with a 32 bit modem! It would take 3 days just to send one email, both ways! And we were glad we had that! Boy I tell ya..."

hehehe... The sad part is, it's true! Well, actually I didn't have email really when I first got the internet. I started with BBS's, where you would leave posts and others would come and reply. Sort of like usenet, which was the very next thing I got after BBS's. Then came email. Nowadays almost no one knows what usenet is except the hackers and porn addicts. I do remember trying to connect with a 300 baud modem. You would try to load up an email and you would see a letter show up, then wait a couple minutes and another letter. Why if you started loading an email and went to dinner, by the time you were done with dinner you might even have up to 3 whole words! and I thought that was pretty dang cool. :) I still have that old computer a Vic20 with cassette tape drive, cartridges, tv adapter and 300 baud modem

Lets see, a kilobyte is 1000 bits, 300 baud is 300 bits or .3 kb, and my service now is about 6 megabytes, which would be what? 1,000,000 bits? So the service now is 3,333 times faster than what I had.

Okay, found a comparison website:

It shows actual download speeds for a 300 baud modem would be .03 kb/second. So, an average email of lets say 15 kb woud take 50 seconds without any delays, which we know there were plenty of interuptions in those days. I would usually lose connection and have to redial in every 5-10 minutes, and logging in woud take a while too. So, saying an email would load in 3 minutes actually is not too far off. Now a small picture of 300kb would be 1000 seconds with no delay, which is 16.7 minutes, and with delays, could be an hour. I remember waiting for pictures... Man, those were the days.
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