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Is anyone on myspace? I have avoided that for so long, but now all my bro-in-laws and friends are on it and they have pictures there I want to see, and blah, blah, blah... So yeah I signed up. It helps that someone signed me up a long time ago though. It gets kind of annoying when that happens, but sometimes it is actually ok. You see, my email address is so generic, that when people make up a fake email address, they use mine purely by chance. Then on top of that there are an awful lot of people who must have an email address they wish was mine, but they couldn't get mine because I took it, so they get a slight mis-spelling or whatever, but then they forget, and use the right spelling, and accidentally sign me up. If you are wondering, it is randomstuff on hotmail. Pretty generic eh? I have been signed up for anything that is slightly popular, usually a bunch of times, because more than one person will try, or the same person will try a few times wondering why they don't get the confirmation email. Nearly every social site, game site, photo site, blog site, porn site, hmo sites, even a couple banks... The banks are the ones that make me wonder... They open an account and then send me their pin and all the account info, usually over and over because they aren't getting any of the emails for some reason... I usually go log in and change the welcome name to "FIX YOUR EMAIL!!! AND DON"T SEND ME YOUR PIN!!!". They are really blessed I am an honest guy. I have a few lifetime memberships to websites that I can't contact the people who paid for them, because I don't have an email address, or enough info to contact them, and they don't have the login password because it was sent to me... One of those cost $139. I have been signed up for dating sites too. You know the secret for guys signing up on dating sites if they want to actually get email? the one guy who signed me up and got emails, only wrote, he was a guy, he was over 6 foot, he was athletic, and he wanted to meet a nice woman. That's it, not even any picture. He got like 3 emails a day until I changed his info to something less desireable. So less is better for guys with online dating, I bet it makes you seem mysterious... Oh yes, I have also gotten a lot of people that they have given out my email address as their own. To friends.. family... and girls they were trying to score with... I try to let the people know I am not who they think they are writing and can they tell him to stop giving out my email address. Sometimes they don't speak english though. Usually it is spanish, occassionaly russian, and rarely an asian language, which I can't tell the difference between japanese, chinese or whatever else. I will try to google translate and let them know. There was one girl who only spoke spanish that kept writing me for a while because she thought I was nice guy for letting her know, and trying to speak spanish to her when I didn't know how. Not hitting on me, just friendly hi's, and thank you, and you are so nice, and telling me a bit about her day or her life and trying to ask about mine. Eventually I think the language barrier kicked in enough she faded away. Oh, and someone's mom keeps emailing me encouragement "You are such a good person! Cheer up!" and congratulations, "Wow! Way to go David! I am so proud of you." and jokes and expressions of love, and she doesn't seem to get my emails trying to tell her I am not david, because she just keeps writing. Although, now that I think of it, that would be kind of a cool social experiment, to write someone like they were your son and sound like you are getting normal emails from your son and sending replies to a stranger, and then somehow not getting the stranger's replies. I have actually felt encouraged sometimes by it, and the mom seems very caring, and I get news about the sister sometimes too. She sounds like she is doing well. That all reminds me of that social experiment where they kept telling that one kid he was a hero in the future and such, until he was into it enough they sent him a plane ticket and made him part of an extravagant live action improvised futuristic play with him as the hero, and he didn't know any of his lines, he just had to react. It sounded pretty cool. Back to google though... You should know that google doesn't translate japanese or chinese very well at all. From those languages to english you can kind of puzzle out half of what they say, although some things will really throw you. Like when you get an email sayng, "Hi bright sir. Most nice are you person. I would like to write on you. When do you work at being jobless? I work at army boots and king boss marches on my head so exciting. You know king boss banana peel? They work have there also? Leaves are falling across mountain tops while the stream waters the valley of the village. Do you agree? It is very urgent you understand that. Mother takes the milk. Knock your head nicely! Smile at my face!" Yes, that is almost verbatim a real email I got. Well, it was written in japanese, but that is what Google swears that it meant! But don't try to write to someone and translate it through google to japanese, ever. You wil get letters back that politely ask if you have been in the sun to long and worry about you and suggest you are insane, have you been in a hospital recently and they hurt their head reading the emails. I wondered about that so I tried writing a fairly simple email, transated it to japanese, then back again to english. I think google has an agenda to alienate other countries or something. I mean that seriously. Not only did it mess up the translation, it actually added complete lines I had never typed. In some cases it would add a whole paragraph! The thing is, the added lines and paragraphs were the only things that translated correctly. Something simple as "Hi, how are you. Thanks for your email. My name is actually Stephen." Turned into something like "Hi you awful nose. You write email to me? I am Stephen! Your mother wore communist boots and marched around the square and I knew she wanted to march on my head. Thank you very much." It was no wonder that I get such extreme responses to my attempts. The most persistent person is some 15-16 year old boy from the UK who gives out my email like crazy and has for over a year now, and all his friends try to add me as a friend in all their social sites and I then get tons of emails from 15-17 year old girls wanting to hang out with me, until they learn my age. lol! That has been the quickest way to stop them, although occassionally one will still try to keep emailing me, but teens really do have short attention spans, so they give up pretty quickly. So, anyways, what was I talking about? Oh yes, myspace. I am not sure how it works, and I keep having to clear out some of the junk of whoever signed up for it that I missed here and there. It helps me not to get emails saying they tried to find me on myspace and uh, that definitely wasn't you... The account had been inactive since the day it was created, but the person obviously was 13 and was trying to meet girls for nefarious porpoises. I am trying to make it look decent, put some pics up, some songs, and some words. I guess it seems to me like an online interactive scrap book. Uh, I forget what username I got, but you can search by email. :)

EDIT: I almost forgot! The most annoying thing of all is if they signed me up, and it is a site that has crazy security! I ran into one where I was actually trying to sign up, found I was already a member, but I didn't know any of the security questions obviously, and they wouldn't let me sign up at all unless I chose a different email address, and refused to send me an email with password reset info! Rrrrrr... Oh wait, that sounds like another site I know...
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