supernovame (supernovame) wrote,

I'm getting a Chumby!

Yeah, you're probably thinking, "What is it?" or possibly something perverted.

Basically it is a gadget, or a techie toy. I got advance notice and get it before the general public. That's reason enough to buy it right there isn't it? heh


Wi-fi connectivity
Lifetime access to the free Chumby Network
Over-the-air software updates
3.5" LCD color touchscreen
Two external USB 2.0 full-speed ports
350 MHz ARM processor
64 MB NAND flash ROM
Stereo 2W speakers
Headphone output
Squeeze sensor
Accelerometer (motion sensor)
iPod® support
Leather casing
AC adapter included
Open Source Software
Open Source Hardware
Completely Hckable, Hacking encouraged.

If you hack something good, you're encouraged to share, and you can see what hacks other people have done and try those yourself. You can also create your own widgets. It can basically do anything that needs either speakers, touchscreen, motion sensor, wireless connection or all of the above. If I could figure out how to hook up my wii thru the usb port, I could use it to play wii on, or maybe have it as a wii remote, or a programmable tv remote. Or to surf the internet, or check email, watch my ebay bids or sales, setup an alarm clock with persona mp3 alarm, play and charge ipod, use it as a magic 8 ball, hang it from a door knob and make into a portable security alarm, whatever the heck I want to do with it and can imagine! And I am not limited to just doing one of those, I can do them all!

Now I wonder when I will actually get it...
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